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[ENG]2 FLEXIcontent - Installation

[ENG]2 FLEXIcontent - Installation

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    26 August 2015
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FLEXIcontent install as a normal component. This is an extension of the "content" of Joomla or "com_content", so it retains all the accounting data with it. Even after uninstalling you keep the content related to Joomla.

Always download it from this url

1 got to Joomla 'extension manager'

2 Click on browse

3 Choose the download archive

4 Click open, and then "download and install"

After loading you will have a summary page.

Then you go into the newly installed FLEXIcontent

Internal Finishing installation FLEXIcontent

1 Simply click on all updates buttons
2 Then click REFRESH

3 After reloading, you will be asked to open and save the global configuration (to avoid any concern of settings).

4 Made just a "save and close" to start

FLEXIcontent is now correctly installed. It's finished!

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