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[ENG] 5 FLEXIcontent - Change link type in your menu

[ENG] 5 FLEXIcontent - Change link type in your menu

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    26 August 2015
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Now you need to change all your links menu com_content type to FLEXIcontent type. Otherwise you will only see items joomla and not the items FLEXIcontent

1 Edit your links and change the type to the FLEXIcontent

Author: This is a link to a list of items selected by author
Category: This is a link to a selected category
Categories: Loads more categories at the same time (a kind of mix)
My items: This is a link to a list of items written by the logged user
Favorites: allows you to load a list of items added to favorites by the user connected
Directory: Load the entire contents of a class as a directory
Single item: is a link to a particular item
Item submission form: create a link to a form for submitting item
Search: is a link to search view
Tags: is a link to keywords view

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