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[ENG] 7 FLEXIcontent - Home-page

[ENG] 7 FLEXIcontent - Home-page

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    26 August 2015
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The home-page of joomla is a component, it is not compatible with FLEXIcontent. This is no problem for that FLEXIcontent is allready multi-catégorie and more powerful.

Here's how to replace the home-page

    • 1 create a home category (or home ...)
    • 2 choose settings for orders filters etc..
    • 3 choose a template (eg blog with options that go well)
    • 4 Save
    • 5 In managing your menus, edit the link by default (the one with the star)

        • 6 Change the type of menu for a FLEXIcontent category

          • 7 Select your category


            • 7b Save
            • 8 Add some items in your home category

              After to display an article on the home page, simply select the category home as a secondary category for your article.

              Of course you can go further by using a specific template and particulare options.
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