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Create list items needing approval in frontend

Create list items needing approval in frontend

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    Yannick Berges
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    11 November 2015
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You can easly create a moderation view for list items needing approval in frontend

  1. edit global configuration, in Permissions tab allow Items (WorkFlow in Frontend): list items in any state for your user
  2. edit state field (id10) and allo filter for categorie view
  3. rebuild search
  4. create a link to categoies view to select wanted categorie (use access for your group)
  5. active  Override Configuration in Basic Parameters tab
  6. in Alpha-Index, Search, Filters tab use Initial Filter values and tip 10##PE (PE for pending approuval)
  7. 7 you can check template and other options in other tabs

Now user can moderate item in front-end

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