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After uninstall FLEXICONTENT MENU is showing

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After uninstall FLEXICONTENT MENU is showing

Postby grason » Sun 7 Apr 2013 08:55


We are new to Flexicontent and recently installed it
into a Joomla 2.5 installation.

As did not add the features we anticipated, we decided
to immediately uninstall it.

We did so, but after uninstallation there's still an entry FLEXICONTENT HIDDEN MENU showing in the menus
pull-down list.

I have searched Extensions >> Module Manager and Extensions >> Plug-in Manager for any entry with the name "Flexi", but cannot find anything.

So that I can clean-up the installation, how can
I uninstall the last remnant -- FLEXICONTENT HIDDEN MENU?

Thank you

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Re: After uninstall FLEXICONTENT MENU is showing

Postby kenmcd » Sun 7 Apr 2013 09:05

That is a standard Joomla menu.
Delete it like any other menu in the Joomla Menu Manager.

What features were not there that you anticipated?
Please help us understand what you felt was missing.
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Re: After uninstall FLEXICONTENT MENU is showing

Postby ggppdk » Sun 7 Apr 2013 18:45

please do as Kenmcd suggested above to remove the menu.

About FLEXIcontent, it is very good for being a general
-- Content Construction Kit (CCK) --

but it is e.g. it is not the best for blogging or for being used as eshop etc.

Thank you,
for evaluating FLEXIcontent, if your original intention was to use a CCK , then please tell us what you feel is missing.


-- FLEXIcontent is Free but involves a big effort on our part.
Like the our support? (for a bug-free FC, despite being huge extension) Like the features? Like the ongoing development and future commitment to FLEXIcontent?
-- Add your voice to the FLEXIcontent JED listing with a 5-star review. Thanks!
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