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How to translate a flexicontent site with Joomla native function

Hello we are happy to annonce a tutorial about using FLEXIcontent and Joomla! native translation system

We create a tutorial AND a the first kickstart with a full FLEXIContent project Complete Job apply site, au menu :

  • Last FLEXicontent version + Helix 3 template (flexicontent correction)
  • Job list system with filter and search
  • Job application form (we can see job apply it, that create an automatic relation between job and application form)
  • Free job form (user can chose job type and hours for meeting)
  • Front-end administration for HR Manager (search annotation, vote etc)
  • Fully native translation
  • Slider module
  • Google maps module
  • Backend optimisation with FLEXIadmin module
  • CSV export in front end

You can explore this site for testing and download kickstart file for install and test more !

Tutorial : Create a multilingual site with FLEXIContent

Kickstart :

Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 16 October 2017


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