Merci (Thanks) for your great component

I follow this extension for a long time now and I can give it 5 stars

first of all, you need to found a clear project to use the beat
show articles multigatorised, multitags to give to the reader a multiway to found information
Reduce number of components to speed website and update too
Show special fields for some specific articles
fields can be easy linked for most a major plugins to show maps, documents, audio, video ...
compatible with most of comments components, i use komento from my side
Compatible with joomfish and falang for multilingual articles
Fully customizable for CSS specialist, no need to be a a king of php to easely modify specific template

FC team works a lot to keep his component update with the last joomla version (J3.3)
and give us one of the best and speedest support (you never sleep Georgios)

thanks a lot for your flexi component

take care
Bertrand (sorry for my poor english)
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