How to use Relation field user case

How to use Relation field user case

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Hello we will study the relation field (relation reverse) of Flexicontent. This field is realy a powerfull field to create a link between multiple content. It is powerfull because it dynamic reversing ... in many extensions it only one way value. With flexicontent its a two way system.

We can use it for many thing :

  • Artiste / Album / song
  • User / Publication
  • Showcase
  • Product
  • Forum
  • Ticket system
  • Job Board


We will study 2 cases, Artist directory, JobBoard.

Artist directory

It important to create a clean structure to use relation field. In this case we need to create 2 types :

  • Artist for his photo, birdthay, city etc ...
  • Album for jacket, title, duration, audio, date etc
  1. Create a type "Artist"2019-01-23_08h44_08.png
    1. Change title label for Name
    2. Change description label for Bio2019-01-23_08h45_00.png
  2. Add fields for Artist
    1. Portrait : image field in mono value2019-01-23_08h47_09.png
    2. Birthday date : date field2019-01-23_08h48_17.png
    3. Galerie : image field in multivalue + mix video and image2019-01-23_08h49_24.png2019-01-23_08h49_40.png

    4. City of birthday :  text field2019-01-23_08h51_06.png
    5. Type of music : Textselect because is more flexible to add value in field2019-01-23_08h53_41.png
      Now you can mix existing value and custom value !!
    6. Awards : weblink in multivalue2019-01-23_08h55_39.png
      Allow adding image2019-01-23_08h56_09.pngset target

    7. Discographie : a relation field to Album type2019-01-23_08h58_16.png2019-01-23_09h24_42.png
    8. etc.....
  3. Create a type "Album"2019-01-23_08h59_37.png
  4. Add fields for Album
    1. Picture : image field in mono value2019-01-23_09h00_54.png
    2. Publication date : date field2019-01-23_09h01_39.png
    3. Productor : can be a text field or textselect field or an other relation field to a productor type2019-01-23_09h02_20.png
    4. Track name : text with fieldgroup option2019-01-23_09h06_30.png
    5. Duration : text with mask for time and fieldgroup option2019-01-23_09h07_47.png
    6. Author music : text fieldgroup option2019-01-23_09h08_28.png
    7. Author lyrics : text fieldgroup option2019-01-23_09h09_01.png
    8. Mp3 : for this we have a lot of solution ... (file field, text field with mp3 player plugin tec ...), i use file field2019-01-23_09h11_04.png
      And i create template for display an mp32019-01-23_09h11_28.png
    9. Tracks : now we can create fieldgroup with multivalue for all tracks, user can add many tracks easier2019-01-23_09h14_02.png
    10. Number of sales2019-01-23_09h15_39.png
    11. Artist : a relation reverse to Artist2019-01-23_09h17_32.png

Now we can set values in item ....

For Artist


And for album


And we can create a display

Comming soon

We can expand this concept with Musical Label, productor etc ...


Comming soon

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