[ENG]1 FLEXIcontent - Introduction

[ENG]1 FLEXIcontent - Introduction

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FLEXIcontent is a  CCK component (Content Construction Kit) for joomla 1.5 and 2.5, It allows :

  • Simplify the design and administration through a single component
  • Build templates content (com_content enrich)
  • Manage display of different content
  • Simplify the interface to the user input through preconfigured fields
  • Rights management and workflow
  • To add advanced features compared to com_content

Some recommendations:

  • Always have the latest version installed FLEXIcontent here
  • The forum is available here

The main concept introduced by FLEXIcontent is the "content type".
It is important to understand the following relationship:

A type defines the organization of content. It is a classic article of joomla + FLEXIcontent fields. By convention, then call it a whole new item (to avoid confusion with the classic article joomla).
To manage its display then use a template Item

A catégorie in FLEXIcontent is a list of items with filter functions and much more powerful than Joomla order because you can use any field for filtered or ordered list. The display is controlled by a template category.

The categories used to display lists of items following multiple options without code:

Management of the display order (alphabetical, date, vote, clicks etc ...) or through field items (by author, by tag, by select fields etc.).
Manage the advanced filtering system, internal search engine, etc. ...
Manage notification system advanced (when additions, modifications ...)

And finally they have their own template which allows the master display.
The only type configured by default is the article, but you can add as many types as you wish, such as:

  • an image gallery
  • a recipe
  • a CV
  • a Product Sheet
  • an introductory note movie
  • a property map with Google-maps

A content type is directly related to an input form with pre-formatted data

thanks wwebsite for correction

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