[ENG] 8 FLEXIcontent - Actived the advanced search

[ENG] 8 FLEXIcontent - Actived the advanced search

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In FLEXIcontent you have access to two types of research:

The standard search, which allows you to search all the contents, title, description and FLEXIcontent fields.

Advanced search, it allows to search all content, title, description and FLEXIcontent fields but additionally can select exactly where to look (eg research in a specific field)

8.1 Setting of search plugins

1 Desactived search plugins of joomla core (search_content)

2 actived 2 plugins of  FLEXIcontent search (advanced search and standart search)

8.2 Enable search in  fields

For each field, you can enable or disable the two types of search. To do this, simply edit each field.

1 chosen if the field is indexed to the standard search and it is used for filtering in the category view

2 selected if the field is indexed for advanced research and it is used for filtering in the search view

8.3 Creating the search index

Now that all your fields are configured for search we need to building a search index for the first time, after it will be automatic.

Unless you add a field in any type then you need to regenerate it least once. FLEXIcontent will show this message.


1 On "Dashboard" clic on "Search indexes"

2 Use Re-index basic

3 And Re-index advanced

For every action you get a pop-up progress.

Here is your content is indexed it remains to configure the module and for research.

8.4 Link to the search page FLEXIcontent

to manage the new search page in FLEXIcontent you must necessarily create a menu link type to FLEXIcontent Search.

1 So in managing menu your made ​​new menu link and selecting search type as FLEXIcontent

2 go to the settings you can choose the type of search (AND, OR).

3 you can choose the search method (standard, advanced) fields that will allow you to filter the results and so on.

4 Note the ID of the link to use in the search advanced FLEXIcontent

8.5 The advanced search module

In managing modules, unpublish the joomla search module and publish the FLEXIcontent search  to avoid conflict.

Edit the module FLEXIcontent advanced search

1 Made your settings for the size of the input field to display a button link to the desired page Advanced etc..

2 Set ITEMID of the search page previously created. How the module will redirect the results to the selected page to the desired settings.

Your advanced search is now fully operational.
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