[ENG] 6 FLEXIcontent - display new fields in item view

[ENG] 6 FLEXIcontent - display new fields in item view

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CAUTION to avoid worries crash file when updating FLEXIcontent, always make a copy of a template to start. Never worked on basic templates unless you made ​​any changes in (CSS, PHP)
Remember to empty the cache joomla to see your changes

The important thing to understand is that a field can only be displayed if it is in a position. So you just drag and drop your fields into the desired positions.

5.1 Template management

1 Go type to assign a template

2 Go to the template management to view or edit the view item or category assign to your type

3 Drag and drop your fields into the desired positions

4 Save

5.2 duplicate template


1 Clicking on the more button bettewen the template name

2 Gives a name to the new template (note: no space, accent .. etc.. Because it will create a folder in component /com_flexicontent/template/name_of_your_template to make your changes)

3 Click on duplicate

For all that the creation / template there will soon be a complete tutorial.

5.3 Items options

In some cases the template of items have special options (display favorites, author votes ...) to change it to go to the item type.



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