How to translate a flexicontent site with Joomla native function

How to translate a flexicontent site with Joomla native function

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FLEXIcontent can be use for multilangue site.

We have 2 options :
- Falang component (Paid)
- Native Joomla system

In this tutorial we work on native system. We will translate Type, Field, Value, Categorie, Item.
And we will add Joomla language string in joomla INI file

Basic needed : A joomla website with correct multilangue configuration

Translate Categorie

translate categorie

  1. Create or edit your categorie in other language
  2. Go to Association tab
  3. Set categorie association for each categorie
  4. Save

Translate Type

translate type2

1 Edit or Create your type

translate type2

2 Type a title type in Joomla language string format : ALL_IN_UPPERCASE_WITHOUT_SPACE
3 Translate all core field for this type like [fr]=Votre titre [en]=Your title [du] etc. You can translate all core field with technique and you change all name field for each type
4 Adding (we can see this later) language string in joomla language override and tour type will be translated (you can see the language string after the translate value)

translate corefield

translate type2

Translate Field and Values

  1. Edit your field and add language string in title
    translate field
  2. Edit your value doing same for label value YOU CAN'T TRANSLATE VALUE ONLY VALUE DISPLAYED (label value)
  3. Set option to display label value link a language string
    translate field2
  4. Save

You can translate help description with a language string too
translate field description

Translate an image field

For the image field you can set an option to share field between 2 translated items. Juste check option
translate field image

Adding translation via Joomla language override

Now we can add translation in joomla ini file

  1. Go to language override component
    translate adding string1
  2. Set your language and choose administration file. Its a good tips because we have an option to copie language string in both part (public and administration) its more simply !
    translate adding string2
  3. Adding your language string
  4. Adding your translation
    translate adding string3
  5. Redo it for each language
    translate adding string4

Now all your content system are translated !

Translate content

  1. Select your original content (be sure that language isn't ALL)
  2. Click on translate button
    translate content1
  3. Set the language, the categorie and other option
    translate content2
  4. Save
  5. Now you can edit your content in new language all associations are ok
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