[Solved ]Export from FC 1.5?

5 years 9 months ago #50185 by kath
Replied by kath on topic [Solved ]Export from FC 1.5?
ps: in case others need this, too:
1) check if your language-file is in /templates/<my_joomla_template>/language/de-DE/de-DE.tpl_<my_joomla_template>.ini
(adjust <my_joomla_template> and the language code)
(joomla 1.5 had languages in folder /languages/...)
2) in your templates replace:
JPlugin::loadLanguage( 'tpl_<my_joomla_template>' );
$language =& JFactory::getLanguage();
$language->load('tpl_<my_joomla_template>', 'templates/<my_joomla_template>/', $language->getTag(), true);
(adjust <my_joomla_template>)


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