issue with combination w/ component (search)

8 years 7 months ago #36379 by zouz747
Hello, here is my case:
    adv search module placed on all pages with adv link (to itemid)
    itemid used to flexihiddenmenu of type search
    J search plg disabled on content

What I want:
    search ran from module text-box must be flexisearch
    results shown in my itemid (with adv options enabled hidden)

What I get:
results twice (flexisearch + flexiadvsearch)

Due to:
all search plugins loaded in search model functions (getdata(), getareas())

Fix (suggestion): in both functions, replace
JPluginHelper::importPlugin( 'search');
with something like this:
$uri = JFactory::getURI();
JPluginHelper::importPlugin( 'search', !isset($__areas['areas']) ? 'flexisearch' : null);

When you're placed on your advsearch screen onwards, all posts seem to return correct results coming only from the flexadvsearch plugin

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8 years 7 months ago #36384 by zouz747
I'm sorry, the pb is real but my suggestion below is wrong.
I had to tweak the code differently to have the system behave the way I need. Not sure you'd appreciate it but it goes like this:

1. search model:
Create var and the function to get it
Modify getdata(): add var to $dispatcher->trigger args
2. search view.html: set the model var to true just before calling get('data') if !JRequest::getVar('areas', array()) (or other method: here we point to the fact the advanced search screen is initialized with a simple search's results - but we need to have correct values in advanced filters according to ACL
3. plgadvsearch:
add param var to OnSearch & onContentSearch methods
in oncontentsearch, after setting global $fc_searchview; and its values, test var and quit (if var return;)

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