FLEXIcontent CCK Presented at JoomlaDay France 2013

A presentation about the FLEXIcontent advanced content management system and CCK for Joomla was given at JoomlaDay France 2013 by Maxime Danjou, NetAssoPro Co-founder, and Yannick Berges, Global Moderator forum.

The presentation covered information about the FLEXIcontent project, installation, functions, overall concept, plug-ins, templating, modules, developer info, showroom of sites using FLEXIcontent, and the future of the project.
The well attended presentation (over 100 users) lasted about an hour, with another one hour workshop afterwards to demostrate FLEXIcontent.

The presentation slides (in French) are available for viewing on the website here: FLEXIcontent Presentation - JoomlaDay France 2013



Ken McDonald Published by Ken McDonald Created 26 March 2013
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