Flexicontent 3.3 on road

Hello we work hard on 2 futurs projects :

  • Flexicontent Pro
  • Flexicontent 3.3 series

To acheive a good transition for Flexicontent Pro we need to update Flexicontent core file, we rewrite all MVC code in order :

  • Better unification of model for a simplify maintain
  • Better code execution
  • Prepare Joomla4! transition 

We use this time to enchance UX :

  • New dashboard with j4 style and font-icon
  • New slider filtering for more cleaner display2018-11-23_11h01_50.png
  • Improve ordering system2018-11-23_11h02_06.png
  • New media manager UX2018-11-23_11h01_21.png
  • New textselect UX and mix value system (existing value, predefine value, sql value, and mix system)2018-11-23_10h55_31.png
  • Image field, new compact modeimages.png

And we will add new feature :

  • Video mode in image field2018-11-23_11h08_07.png
  • Open street map compatibilitypicturemessage_xd0jpak0.10u.png

And more we hope....

Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 23 November 2018
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