FLEXIcontent v3.3.2 is out

Hello we are happy to announce new flexicontent version

Here the change log


  • Add new grid template with many adding (mansory, multiplacement, overlay, image streching, builder css ...) More information here
  • Add search word logging to category-based views (search view has already), also add new navigation link 'Search Logs' to flexicontent backend side-bar navigation
  • Add the navigation link 'Search Logs' to flexicontent dashboard screen too
  • Add an option for custom field label in item form


  • Fix srcset for image-gallery field using configured sizes instead of real thumbnail sizes
  • Make sure upload button appears as button in frontend
  • Fix submit new related item button not shown (wrongly skipped) when related items list is empty
  • Fixed progress bar not fitting in 'Applying filtering' modal message
  • Fix filtering JS code giving JS error when filtering/search form is skipped completely because of configuration
  • Fix SQL error while saving item form while editing falang translations inline (inside the item form)
  • Fix (existing) tag edit form failing to save with SQL error
  • Fix issue with adding spaces to search-word for language without spaces
  • More proper behavior, for not found tag for tagged-items view, throw 404, instead of showing 'No items found' message
  • Fix date filter filtering
  • Fix wrong CSS class in toolbar.xml
  • Update phpThumb for PHP 7.4 support


  • Rename all template to be more simplier (table / grid / faq / item tabbed)
  • Better display for filters shown as sliders
  • Use 'From' , 'To' words for filter as slider

Donwload here

Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 26 February 2020
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