FLEXIcontent v3.3.3 is out

Hello we are happy to announce new flexicontent version

Here the change log


  • Fixed date filter disappear if non-recognizable date is entered manually
  • Fixed configuration height setting for tinyMCE-based editors being ignored
  • Fixed microdata errors in category view due to item ratings included in the item listings (Google 's directions?)
  • Fixed proper usage of filename_original property to maintain original filename for files moved to external storage.
  • Fixed PHP notice when parsing SEF authored items URLs that do not specify a category
  • Removed frontend URL dependency from backend item form for calling frontend core.php via AJAX. Needed in rare cases that frontend access is blocked (e.g. via Admin Tools)
  • Fixed issue with SEF authored items URLs (using username, without IDs) breaking if username includes capital letters
  • Fixed category parameter for Forcing fulltext in category view
  • Fixed field configuration save failure when using a unicode field label (creation of an ascii field name fails)

Minor / Small Improvements

  • Improved Layout of favourites field for a cleaner less cluttered display
  • Allowed download of file URLs instead of redirect (like local files are downloadable)
  • Allowed 'Save (Add) and New' button in new item forms (frontend and backend), for frontend, maintain, type, category and menu item
  • Allowed changing original filename for file URLs via backend files manager
  • Allowed onAllFieldsPostDataValidated event to cancel item form saving and also to redirect to custom URL
  • Added popup selection of item type to frontend add button
  • Allowed multi-category menu item selection in filtering module configuration, even when category selector is hidden
  • Added display a warning message about clearing invalid date when creating a calendar that has an invalud date

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Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 14 April 2020
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