Flexicontent 3.3.4 small issue correction

Hello we are happy to announce Flexicontent 3.3.4, small update with last issue.

(v3.3.3 bugs)

  • Fixed (external) file URLs download issues, by make forcing of file URL downloading optional, also make it more robust in cases that it gets enabled
  • Fixed issues with description editor width, by handling more properly of editor HTML width and height (for editors that respect these settings)

(Older Bugs)

  • Fixed Faceted filter behavior for fields set to 'Require All' filter values.
  • Fixed 'Require All' filter values for tags filter
  • Fixed database file usage counting to consider 1 more file usage case (this also effects the checks for auto image deletion by image fields when zero usage is reached)

Changes / Improvements

  • Cleaned PHP notice in googlemaps module when zero map locations are found
  • Changed URL for latest version info to be HTTPS
  • Added warning for PDF stamping requiring manual installation of 2 libraries: tcpdf and fpdi
  • Added support for mult-level category filter starting at an top level parent category(-ies)

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Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 22 April 2020
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