Flexicontent v3.3.5 is out

Hello we are happy to announce Flexicontent 3.3.5

Changes / Improvements

  • Removed minigallery field, modifying existing field instances with image-gallery field of appropriate configuration
  • Added 2 editor buttons for inserting linking to FC items and FC categories
  • Added support inline AJAX uploader for file field, revising the 2 item form layouts of the field field
  • Added upload-in-progress validation check to stop form submission until all uploads finish
  • Some UX changes to inline AJAX uploader, a nicer upload progress, widen display if field is set to single value
  • Some styling / layout work for fields that use labels inside the input (e.g. weblink, email)
  • Large display of filenames for image-gallery field
  • Added support for changing main category via any post form saving event, e.g. onAllFieldsPostDataValidated event
  • More compatibility for joomla plugin triggering category view by setting 'layout' URL variable to 'blog'
  • Update phpThumb to v1.7.15-2020-04-30 (PHP 7.4 curly brace substring compatibility)


  • Fixed CSV export to show proper misconfiguration messages.
  • Fixed the render value display to work for 'Export All Items' case
  • Fixed scroll to invalid element (during form validation) not working when label is hidden (e.g. due to configuration)
  • Fixed missing variable in base controller, preventing AJAX error messages for being returned and displayed properly (e.g. showing a non allowed file extension message)
  • Fixed fatal error in backend items manager if having old flexisyspro plugin and attempting to do a CSV export of all items
  • Fixed filemanager stats re-indexer using download filename instead of url
  • Fixed filemanager stats re-indexer not updating file sizes of Joomla media manager links properly
  • Fixed slide filter display preventing the listing of items without field value, by restoring the 'Any' to 'Any' values
  • Fixed multi-select field loosing its the sorted order of its values after saving the item form for a 2nd time (thanks to Ruben)
  • Fixed (minor) some times clipping the first letter of custom download filename when file is a URL and download piping via website is enabled
  • Fixed (minor) asset title being set to the asset name instead of the title of the record itself
  • Fixed layout of elastislide (slideshow) layout of image-gallery field not working when field name contains a dash '-'
  • Fixed right slider handle in slider range filter only remembering its position is also the left slider handle is set
  • Fixed limit to current item type for tags cloud module linking to wrong URLs

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