Flexicontent v3.3.6 is out

Hello we are happy to announce Flexicontent 3.3.6


  • Revised the 2 inline JS galleries of image gallery field for better UX and better mobile support. Major revising of elastislide JS and complete revising of gallerific JS

  • Add new maintenance Task to items manager 'Recalculate item aliases'

  • Added parameters to date and text field to allow CSV export of 'rendered' values, optionally stripping HTML

  • Better message when a field type has not been found by backend fields manager

  • Better alias when creating translating items via batch translate button

  • Added warning to item form for incomplete loading in the case that some 3rd party plugin fails during 'onContentPrepareForm'

  • Added option to image-gallery configuration to use srcset as min-width or as max-width limit (this can be configure per thumbnail size)

  • Highlight 'Hide columns' button when some columns are hidden in backend managers

  • Added options to hide secondary and featured category selectors in Frontend item form

  • Added in category settings, option to override the item layout (override item type setting)

  • Pass item's category parents to template for item view

  • Added a flag icon inside title columns or backend fields and types manager to indicate that thefield label / type name have a translation. The untranslated string will show as a (delayed) browser tooltip


  • PHP 7.4 compatible. Fixed PHP 7.4 warnings
  • Fixed image-gallery field not setting real height and width of fields into the  HTML Tag, causing image to be scaled to largest dimension. Thus image quality appeared to be inferior
  • Fixed adding multiple files at once (in item form) for file and gallery fields
  • Fixed new flexicontent tags not creating and not mapping properly respective Joomla Tags
  • Fixed not able to remove all Tags in item form
  • Fixed overriding of filtering layouts via Joomla template override folder
  • Fixed current language not always considered when using URLs with aliases only (when IDs removed from URL)
  • Fixed rename-move operation after file upload giving warning message in some servers, breaking JSON response, thus preventing file/image assignment from saving
  • Fixed path for original image being wrong when trying to view original image in frontend
  • Fixed custom templates documentation page link in XML file of all 6 modules
  • Fixed form reloading after server-side validation error loading an invalid text into automatic fields causing them to show as invalid when user clicks to save the form
  • Fixed form reloading after server-side validation error not reloading previously selected values for image-gallery field in all cases
  • Fixed after item form reload due to server-side validation error (form not saved) thumbnail in image-gallery field do not display until form is finally saved
  • Fixed main category being re-added when it is changed, if current user cannot change secondary categories
  • Fixed feature 'Edit rendered-uneditable items till log-off' (e.g. due to main cat changed) not working because of ACL calculation caching in inside JUser and JAccess
  • Fixed email notifications for file downloads, ignoring 'Download hits per step' parameter and always waiting 20 download hits before sending an email notification
  • Make URLs in feeds page to be absolute
  • Fixed duplicate alias check not including records of language 'ALL' in the check
  • Fixed default menu item per layout (authored items, tagged items) not using menu-overriden category parameters
  • Fixed support for media link in filefields. Also addressed some consistent issues regarding file preview
  • Fixed uploader toggle button of file field not showing inside fieldgroup
  • Fixed default values for indexable fields (radio*,checkbox*,*select) not being used in frontend content viewing, despite being set to be shown instead of empty value
  • Fixed custom (item form) date format for date field, not being parse properly during item form saving, causing non-filterable date values
  • Fixed '?start=0' being added to page 1 pagination URL
  • Fixed single quote not usable inside prompt of cascading fields (item form)
  • Fixed new item data not fully cleaned when item creation is cancelled via a plugin event


  • Better calculation and better texts of default page headings for multi-item views
  • Change handling of search for languages without spaces, always try to split words if dictionary exists, and also split words in the text of user searches
  • Use same item creation time as original item when translating content items and also respect selection order when creating them
  • Add main category as fallback for getting current category parameters
  • Revised Tag Element view (popup tag selection view, for e.g. menu items) to match common backend layout and styling of other views
  • Improve HTML page rendering speed of backend items & categories managers, by hidding toggled-off columns via PHP logic instead of JS, plus avoid page jumping effect
  • Modified import task to try file extensions that are all lowercase and all uppercase as fallback, if original is not found
  • Allow setting is-filter flag of fields as dirty in rare cases that it may be needed ... (e.g. upgrade script)
  • Expose elements of selection-like fields as a public property of the field object
  • Update Mobile_Detect library to v2.8.34
  • Apply JText to value's openTag Text and closeTag Text for all fields
  • Some revising of CSS for item form
  • Some revising of CSS for file-using fields (item form)
  • Display error message, instead of crashing when item to edit is not found
  • Renamed manifest.xml to flexicontent.xml
  • Better dashboard icon (title row)

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