Flexicontent 3.3.9 is out

Hello we are happy to announce Flexicontent 3.3.9


  • Fixed weblink field clearing the hits counter, if a non-serialized value (legacy-saved value or imported value) is encountered during saving item form
  • Fixed submit menu item parameters not loaded in some cases
  • Fixed new item form (typelist) URLs not using configured menu item in them
  • Fixed image thumbnailing (of item form) broken in some windows servers due to double slash in the image path

Minor Bugs

  • Fixed one of the tab styling (cblue) having tab border under the TAB


  • Added Pannellum panorama layout to image-gallery field built-in layouts

  • Added option for setting a custom (Map) tile server URL for Open Street Maps

Donwload here

Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 31 October 2020
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