FLEXIaccess 1.0.4 released: improved usability


In this release, I tried to summarize most of the user feedbacks and improvement suggestion to add them inside. Some new method in the system plugin where focused on performance and the most significant change is the new admin menu that is perfectly adapted to FLEXIaccess rules and that will allow you to build fully custom user interfaces for your clients.

Admin menu module:


This module replaces the standard admin menu module but the elements displayed depend on the user permissions. I added a FLEXIcontent menu section that intends to replace the standard content section.
There are two parameters in the module configuration that allows you to hide the content and help sections for certain user groups.

With this new menu combined to the custom quickicon component, you are now able to build fully custom user interfaces.



On the groups view you can now see immediately for each group its parents, its children and its members count.

Configuration parameters:


In this release, I decided to add some configuration parameters to allow:

  • Disabling the js article tree in the frontend permissions view. Some users were experiencing some troubles on big websites. This parameter is a temporary fix and we will change the dtree script by a proper ajax tree to increase performance very soon.
  • The “read” permissions are a little specific, as some of you may have noticed. There are not propagated automatically to subcategories and contents to allow more flexibility. Imagine a category that is reserved to subscribers, you can choose to restrict some of the items to the premium subscribers only. With an automatic inheritance, it wouldn’t have been possible. The auto propagate parameter only means that the propagate option will be chosen by default, not that it will inherit from the parent categories.

Bug fixes :

  • Missing Joomla rule to allow checkin
  • Fix some Joomla rules that were not functioning properly (manage templates, manage massmail)
  • Fix a bug when setting frontend permissions on all articles
  • Add JS to clear all filters before saving a group and avoid loosing members.



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