FLEXIaccess 1.0.5 released

thumb_FLEXIaccess_1.0.5This new release doesn’t introduce major changes in terms of features except multiple bug fixes and performance improvements as well as compatibility with the full FLEXIcontent new frontend submit/edit feature. In order to use FLEXIaccess with FLEXIcontent 1.5.3 you’ll need this new 1.0.5 release because there’s a new method to filter the frontend permissions.
FLEXIaccess is now FULLY compatible with the excellent Akeeba backup component from my friend Nicholas.

The Custom Quick Icons component for FLEXIaccess was also updated to display the group names instead of the group id’s on the panel.

It's recommended to update you FLEXIcontent component to the 1.5.3 stable release.

Here is the complete changelog of FLEXIaccess 1.0.5:

Bug fixes
# Bug fix:   It's now possible to delete all members from a group
# Bug fix:   Bad alias on the query from the showGroups method
# Bug fix:   Delete rules when removing a group
# Bug fix:   Full compatibility with Akeeba backup
# Bug fix:   Auto creates a default group (if there's none) to avoid dirty warnings
# Bug fix:   Avoid filtering on com_categories
# Bug fix:   Dirty notices on FAmenu admin module on install
# Bug fix:   Impossible to uninstall the FAmenu module properly
# Bug fix:   Admin menu was not multilingual
# Bug fix:   FLEXIcontent items view was not filtered for administrator group

+ Add:       New method for frontend filtering
+ Add:       Load FLEXIaccess javascript on frontend too
+ Add:       Extend manager and administrator Joomla! default permissions

$ Language:  New language strings english and french 



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