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J and Beyond 2014

Hello all, after a very successful JoomlaDay in Paris and a workshop on FLEXIcontent very intense (over 70 particpants).

Now you can meet the FLEXIcontent team with Emmanuel DANAN and Georgios Papadakis. A unique chance to meet the creator and the main dev.

manu Emmanuel Danan (aka vistamedia) - Project Founder and Lead Developer


Georgios Papadakis (aka ggpdk) - Lead Developer
aka Akarawuth Tamrareang (aka joomlacorner) - Core Developer

link :

Do not hesitate to meet them to discuss the future FLEXIcontent their say what you like and give them a beer ...

Ps: the sliders + reference site of the workshop will be available soon

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