Why we forgot happy new year article


As you can see we already have a banner .... and an article but why we didn't publish it ?

Because we work too hard on new version of FLEXIcontent, like windows 9, houps 10, we decide to change numerotation for next version, it will be

FLEXIcontent 3

Why v3 ? because we rebuild completly the administration. List feature :

Full responsive
Lighter style and less infomation
Rebuild all views on bootstrap style with tabs system
Easier to use, we create a dependencie systeme, now flexicontent display less option in backend, more simple to be manage (for global config, plugin and module)
We re-focus items edition on content at first
New stats dashboard with interactic charts (thanks to ignacio)

some images


Items list
itemsitems filter

Item edition
itemitem detail

fieldsfiledfiled less prop

File manager
filemanagerfilemanager open


 For 2015, The FLEXIcontent team work hard to improve the best CCK for joomla!.

For 2015 plan to improve FLEXIcontent on 4 ways :

Big feature and function
Site and communication

Now with v3 almost of the admin is ok, we will continu to improve FLEXIcontent to be more easier to use with new dependencie system for categorie and menu.

For Front-end, we want to create some new template, like googlemaps template, agenda template etc. With more option and more compatibility with joomla template provider

We will continu to insert big features in our component. We plan to add group field (already on road), import export type (config, field, template), new field like filter inside content or universal plugin flexicontent to insert all flexicontent value in whole part of Joomla!. And we start to enchanced all multimedia fields etc...

About FLEXIcontent site we plan to migrate to Joomla 3 and changing template for a better presentation. And we want to produce a better documentation.

We think to stop J2.5 dev in august to bring you to update on Joomla 3

This year we want to open some Pro paid feature and support, do be affraid FLEXIcontent rest be free and we want to keep our forum reply quality !

Happy new year 2015 by FLEXIcontent team and think to promote our FLEXIcontent v3.

Big news ! you can test now beta 3 for FLEXIcontent hereFIELD GROUP is inside !!!

Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 09 January 2015
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