Field-group that supports advanced configuration of fields possible ?

This is part of discussion with Georgios

"if it is possible to group FLEXIcontent fields and also maintain all configuration and other features"

"if it is possible to chain selects field for cascading changes while fields are inside a field-group "

This is his reply (implementation)

New field grouping supports

  • ALL of the multi value fields
  • supports ALL of their complex configuration, including their Javascript code !!
  • can group ungroup existing fields without data loss
  • Frontend FACETED filtering continues to work

New Cascading not only supports select fields but also supports

  • ALL FC indexable fields: select, selectmultiple, checkbox, checkboximage, radio, radioimage
  • supports multi-value fields in any order (selectmultiple, checkbox(image))
  • No redudant server calls, and has friendly/smart messaging
  • support fields with/without JS (e.g. with/without select2)
  • smooth re-loading of existing values, showing ALL dependent values and not only the last selected value
  • support both Fixed fields and DB modes, mixing them in any order
  • AND finally it is usable inside field-grouping (this is not demo-ed on the video below)

 Enjoy !

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