FLEXIcontent & JoomUnited

Why FLEXIcontent?

Since we’ve started doing extensions on JoomUnited we’ve tried to use FLEXIcontent for custom projects and even, at the beginning, for our extension website too! (
We love FLEXIcontent because in our opinion:

This is the most powerful and even accessible for final user CCK on the Joomla market
Because of Its content structure that is similar to Joomla native articles, it’s compatible with tons of extensions
The filtering engine and templating system is amazing

JoomUnited extensions integration with FLEXIcontent

The FlexiCONTENT community is very active and we have several users that asked for integration between our extension and the CCK. So we do :)

Item Rating: it’s an extension that allows you to do rating on your content based on a set of criteria, it’s perfect for online reviews. The extension has an integration for FlexiCONTENT based on a dedicated field. You’ll be able to load a rating group in each content item.

item rating

Droppics: Droppics is a gallery and image manager. Droppics can be used for a component view or from your editor, including during FLEXIcontent item edition. This image management is something that supplement the FLEXIcontent one.


Dropfiles: Dropfiles is a file manager for WordPress with a powerful search engine and a Google Drive integration. Dropfiles is similar to Droppics regarding content management, it can be used for a component view of from your editor, including FLEXIcontent item edition.


Droptables: Droptables is a table manager. Managing HTML tables is a real problem in editors for final users but it’s no longer the case when you edit tables in a spreadsheet interface. That’s what Droptables brings in FLEXIcontent as, again, tables can be managed and added from any WYSIWYG editor.


DropEditor: the last but not the least is our free WYSIWYG editor. We’ve tried to bring to final user unique tools in content edition like button editor, list management, column manager... as tools inside your editor.


More is coming... we have planned to add integration with our geolocation extension, My Maps location, by mapping some geocoded information from FLEXIcontent.

Keep up the good work Flexi Team!

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Yannick Berges Published by Yannick Berges Created 21 January 2016
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