Flexicontent 3.2.15 is out

Hello we are happy to announce new version of Flexicontent 3.2.15 !

the changelog

Improvements / new features

  • Added color field (with multi-value and fieldgroup support), either pick any color via a colorpicker, or pick for specific colors list
  • Prevent counting item / category hits when current URL is of non-HTML format
  • Added new event to flexicontent field plugins, to handle user actions when viewing values. Added support to download, view, etc file actions and for weblink field when user clicks to view a URL
  • Improved filters display in slider, slider will display in open or closed state without the use of JS executed after page load, avoiding the (bad UX) movement of the page contents
  • Made configuration of Google Maps API key in address field more clear, making API key required for editing, and allowing a different API key for viewing
  • Added source-mode for images (to Image-Gallery Field) when using 'Intro / Fulltext', option to select if intro or full image will be used in category view, module listing, item view, instead of the default intro, intro, full
  • Added support for customized CSV export text for fields: email, weblink, international address, plus support for strip tags in fields: description, textarea
  • Added viewing layout support to fieldgroup field, 2 alternatives, either render via layout file, or render via custom HTML code store in field's configuration parameter
  • Improved viewing layout of file field for a cleaner display


  • Fixed no access error for new item button, when current user has no access to types manager
  • Fixed pagination not showing when selecting single content item for new menu item, also fixed for same listing, language option 'All' not filterable
  • Fixed item view SEF URLs that use directory ('catalog') menu item, breaking due to wrongly removing 'item' segment from the URL
  • Fixed issue with field name not allowing underscore
  • Fixed server-side 'decimal' validation of text field applied same as 'decimal_comma' validation
  • Fixed issue with text field with numeric validation (integer or decimal) forcing a ZERO value instead of empty despite the fact that field is configured as not required
  • Fixed bug that allows deletion of Core fields, and added code to check this case and restore the missing Core fields
  • Fixed bug that allows deletion of CORE field, and added code to check this case and restore the missing CORE fields
  • Fixed favorites field toggler button failing in some cases
  • Fixed multi-category URLs having broken filtering form submit target and broken pagination links, when SEF URLs are turned off
  • Fixed category image alignment in categories module being ignored
  • Fixed CSV-export support for fields of type 'Core property': id, alias, access, language, Main category, publish_up, publish_down, created_by_alias
  • Fixed item count in categories module and in other places counting also unpublished / expired / scheduled items
  • Fixed link to google maps (international address field) to always use HTTPS (fixing cross-site scripting error in browser)
  • Fixed current category ID for item view always being zero, causing eg. wrong breadcrumbs pathway when item viewed via a secondary category
  • Fixed download link of file field not working in backend items manager when displaying it as button
  • Fixed FC field configuration parameters (FC Field manager) being also shown at Joomla plugin manager

Download flexicontent 3.2.15

This is (we hope) the last version of 3.2 series, we prepare futur version with :

  • new MVC layout with lot of UX improve
  • mix video and image in galerie field
  • Joomla4 compatibility

Now we can focus on Pro version think to subscrib for more information 
Flexicontent pro list

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