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FLEXIcontent latest version

  • Extension type
    Component Plugins Modules Language Template
  • Release date
  • Up to date
  • Developer
    Georgios Papadakis
    Emmanuel Danan
  • Licence
    GPLv2 or later
  • Type
  • Version
    v2.2.1 stable / v3.0.0 BETA7g
  • Compatibility
    Joomla! 2.5 Native
    Joomla! 3.x Native
  • Voting
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    876 votes
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    Total: 77 users

Release notes :

Download file
zip FLEXIcontent v2.2.1 for J2.5/J3.x Hits 8597 Hits

zip FLEXIcontent v3.0.0 Beta7g for J3.x Hits 773 Hits
This will be v3 RC and v3 final after bug-fixes and testing the new CSS

-- Works with J3.x only, not tested in J2.5 (use v3 BETA6b till this is tested for J2.5)

-- This is list of changes since v3 BETA6b
-- There is a long list of features since v2.2.1 not included here

Bug fixes
- bug fixes of known issues since v3 BETA6b (mostly minor)
- fixed issues with new FIELDGROUP field, required validation for some fiels not working (e.g image field), also enable content plugin triggering for its sub-fields
- cleaner frontend HTML/CSS, placed CSS rules in proper files, also removed almost all !important from all files, except specific documented cases, only flexi_shared.css has now such rules
- fixed browser message about re-submiting (re-validation) pages with filtering forms, when browser back/forward buttons are used

ADDED / Updated since v3 BETA6b:

- (new field) Author items (links to author items view)
- (new field) User profile field (display CORE and CUSTOM joomla profile fields, TODO: add language support)
- enabled displaying TAGS / Favourites via CATEGORY view (thus using templates, etc)
- frontend category layout switcher as either: (a) drop down select & (b) radio image
- frontend ordering selector now supports custom fields (with flexible configuration)
- categories module
- updated SH404SEF plugin to handle new SEFurls for category view layouts: tags,favs,author,myitems
- added layout templating support to file field (item form), and to International Address field (both item form and item viewing) thus endusers can add more layouts inside the /tmpl/ folder of each field. TODO add description for this and support it for more fields in v3.1+
- Changed names: searchword, searchphrase, ordering of search view 's form, to be names: q, p, o thus shorter and more agnostic to current frontend UI language
- optimized both category view and search view for high performance text-search and filtering, that scales well in very large websites 10,000+ items per view or per category
- Added display of custom fields in Joomla article view, using onBeforeDisplayContent event
- Updated CSS/Layout for fields: image, file, article navigation, fieldgroup
- Added ability to allow users to change their recent votes

  • Versions history
    FLEXIcontent v2.2.0 stable for J2.5/J3.x Hits 6466 Hits This is v2.2.0 stable
    FLEXIcontent v3.0.0 Beta6b for J2.5/J3.x Hits 2079 Hits Recommended for J2.5.x , till v3 BETA7* is more tested
  • 27 September 2014