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manuEmmanuel Danan (aka vistamedia) - Project Founder and Lead Developer
Emmanuel started the FLEXIcontent project and development at the end of December 2008, and he was the sole coder up to the beta4 release at the beginning of November 2009.
He has been involved in the French Joomla! community for a few of years. Co-administrator of the website (45.000 users), author of multiple guides and tutorials, he runs a team of consultants who specialize in complex Joomla portals development, mostly for the public sector (internet/intranet/extranet). Member of the Board of Directors of the French Joomla User Association, he also holds a masters degree in international business and finance (Paris XI University), and his previous job (in another life) was export sales manager of an industrial group manufacturing fiber optics.

Georgios Papadakis - Core Lead Developer george




akaAkarawuth Tamrareang (aka joomlacorner) - Project co-Founder and Lead Developer
In 2003 Akarawuth became fully involved in the open source movement as a developer. He initiated the website as a community for Mambo enthusiasts. When the Joomla Project was created, he and LaiThai team were there to contribute and drive Joomla even further with funding for a new regional portal Currently Akarawuth and his team are the only group in Thailand working closely with the Joomla Project. They work with various project teams including the Translation Working Group (Thai/Lao), the Joomla Bug Squad, the Joomla Events Team, and Mentor for the Google Summer of Code program. Akarawuth is also a VirtueMart core developer and belongs to the Joom!Fish team

Suriya Kaewmungmuang(aka enjoyman, iamkeng) - Core Lead Developer Suriya Kaewmungmuang(enjoyman)





Berges Yannick (aka micker) - Community manageryannick2.png

Logo and icons

gregGreg Berthelot (aka artefact) - Greg was one of my first contributors, he spent many hours on testing and looking for bugs (alpha5 at this time). I designed the first logo myself but it was definitely ugly (even for me), so when he proposed to me to take care about the logo and interface design for free, I just could say: thank you and welcome on board!!!


Alpha and beta testers

  • Johan Martin (lexel)
  • Christophe Malo (Mister Mag-I)
  • Greg Berthelot (artefact)
  • Didier Carloz (hyperion)
  • Yann Gomiero (daneel)
  • Yann Sallou (syan)
  • Pierre-André Vuilloud (paimages)
  • Christophe Hagneré (chessman)
  • Mihàly Marti (sarki)
  • Jean-Marie Simonet (infograf768)
  • Pisan Chueachatchai (lungkao)

Open Source Projects & Developers

  • Joomla!: Many parts of our code originate directly from the Joomla! core and more generally FLEXIcontent would not exist without Joomla!
  • Mootools: (packaged together with joomla) for ajax processing, drag and drop, validation, and some other pyrotechnical effects ;-)
  • Christoph Lukes: We used his excellent Quickfaq component as a basis for FLEXIcontent. A good part of the credits goes directly to him ;-)

Libraries packaged with FLEXIcontent

Code / DB schema / Ideas

  • Vargas: Idea and DB table of our multi-property voting mechanism came from extravote plugin, although code is 100% rewritten to use AJAX and Sessions, and other FLEXIcontent specific features
  • YOOtheme : Part of FLEXIcontent installer originates from the Zoo component from YOOtheme GmbH (that is the part for installing/unistalling additional extensions)