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Features list


  • Nested categories (unlimited depth)
  • Multi-mapping
  • Backend boleean search engine with fulltext indexing
  • Usage of Joomla content and category tables for content backwards and forwards compatibility (this means it extends the com_content instead of replacing it)
  • Trigger content plugins
  • Allow usage of all com_content designed modules
  • Simple workflow with 5 hard coded states
  • Advanced version control
  • Integrated aggregation system (tags)
  • File manager for secure downloads and media files


  • Automated or manual pathway setting
  • Active itemid detection
  • Perfect urls with the native SEF from Joomla
  • sh404sef plugin natively integrated.
  • Free AceSEF plugin created by the JoomAce team
  • Advanced Joomfish support, with native multilingual user interface (more information)


  • Ajax rating systems
  • Ajax commenting system
  • Favourites and update notifications
  • Powerful filter system for category views
  • Contents and Categories templates
  • Frontend submit/edit capability


  • Unlimited content types with associated fields
  • Unlimited number of fields/elements
  • Fields can be common to multiple types
  • Fields can be loaded by groups or individually
  • Fields can store multiple values
  • Values drag and drop ordering
  • Each field/element is a standard Joomla plugin and developpers can easily create their own fields using our API
  • Dynamically generated fields (with SQL queries)
  • Universal Plugin support (more information)


  • Specific granular ACL management (front and backend).
  • Hierarchical inheritance (category → subcategory → … → content)
  • Unlimited groups
  • Nested groups


  • SH404sef plugin (included since 1.5.3a)
  • Frontend publication system (included since 1.5.3)
  • Workflows design
  • Filtersets
  • Filter and search engines fields behaviours
  • Multiple advanced search engines


  • FLEXIcontent is and will only be compatible with PHP5.