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Content types


The main concept introduced by FLEXIcontent is "content types".

The only type configured by default is the article, but other types may come to mind such as an image gallery, a portfolio, a recipe, a CV, a show card, a product sheet, a.s.o. ...

A content type is like a sheet with a preformatted data entry form. One type has associated fields and most of the time, also its own template. Please note that FLEXIcontent allows you to associate a same field to multiple types.

This is the reason why I chose to call the individual elements "contents" and not "articles" (an article is only one specific type among the others). So when creating new content, you must first choose its type before having access to its entry form!!!

features-type-new features-type-faq features-type-bio

Unlike most components, there is absolutely no logical connection between types and categories. Thus, a category can collect different types of elements.

Please take care however to observe a certain consistency and to ensure there is minimal overlap between the contents of the same category. If you put elements that are too different you lose logic and the design of the category views will give you some headaches.
For an aggregation by keywords or concepts, rather use the tags!!!
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