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File manager


In order to globalize the file management within FLEXIcontent we created a file manager. These files are accessible directly inside the item form when using some field types such as "file" (downloads).

You can although access to the file manager through the  “Files” menu in the administration of the component.

The files are physically stored into two directories "secured" or "media" that you can choose in the general configuration of FLEXIcontent.

It’s highly recommended to choose the directories outside the component to avoid loosing all your media files if you uninstall the application.

When adding a new file you have to choose between two options:

  • If you select Secure, users will not be able to see the real path of your file. This option is recommended for files to download.
  • If you select media you will be able to play media files on your website (e.g. with video or audio players) but users will can access to the physical location of the file when displaying the source code of the page.

FLEXIcontent’s file manager is able to manage two types of files:

  • Files that are physically located on your server
  • Links to files hosted on a remote server

Since beta4 release, you can either add your files one by one or add all the files of a directory in one click. The second method has although powerful filtering methods that allows you to only add files with specific extensions or to filter with a regular expression on file names (reserved to advanced users).