FLEXIcontent with Sprites?

7 months 6 days ago #77760 by hervemlam
As noted
here I installed JCH Optimize plug-in. One interesting option is to combine pictures using "Sprites". This would be especially useful for me as I'm displaying many little country flags in my website homepage - with is also a FLEXIcontent category page by the way.

So I wanted to know how FLEXIcontent behave with Sprites? How can Flexi "know" that some picture field should be defined as a part of a Sprite file?
I've enabled Sprites option in JCH, but it seems Nothing changed. (GTMetrix test still recommends me to activate Sprites.)


MySQL 5.5.5
PHP 7.0.26
Joomla! 3.9.8

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7 months 3 days ago #77768 by micker
Replied by micker on topic FLEXIcontent with Sprites?
the sprite generation of jch not works in any case
flexicontent use joomla flag
put all flag in a sprite is a big works ... not planned sorry

FLEXIcontent is Free but involves a very big effort on our part.
Like the our support? (for a bug-free FC, despite being huge extension) Like the features? Like the ongoing development and future commitment to FLEXIcontent?
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