module assignment lost in details view

3 months 7 hours ago #77170 by manchine
In a new category view to which a menu item is associated, the association is lost when the details view of each article is accessed.

Moreover, the URL structure of the article details view includes "technical" elements that are usually not added.

You may check the behaviour here:

(Category view)

(Details view)

This behaviour does not occur in previously crate categories.

Joomla version: 3.9.11

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3 months 4 hours ago #77173 by ggppdk

I see that the category listing that you provided is creating items that do not use the current menu item (current menu item points to a category)

- 2 configuration settings to check

at the item type configuration form, inside the SEO Tab
it is possible to prefer a specific menu item for a type instead of its category

check that the option is disabled

at component parameters ("Configuration" button in backend) inside Tab
"Redirections / SEO"
Find parameter

Default menu item in URLs
and set to
No, (Forces active or appends ...)
Yes, but prefer active menu item
Yes, if no other appropriate found

then you may also try : "Yes, but prefer active menu item"

(and disable joomla cache will testing this configuration changes)

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2 months 4 weeks ago #77184 by manchine
Switching the value in



Yes, but prefer active menu item

did the trick.

Thanks a million fo helping with this!

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