Error After Install of Newest FLEXIContent Version 08-16-2022

3 months 2 weeks ago - 3 months 2 weeks ago #82616 by tazzarkin
I think that maybe I posted this in the wrong Forum.  I am re-posting the message here to see if it's possible to get some help.

Thank you so much!!

After I installed the newest version of FLEXIContent, I keep getting errors.

Every time I try to create a new document, I get the following warnings.  I have tried re-installing FLEXIContent, but I keep getting the same error messages.

The error is below.  How do I fix this????


ERROR Messages:

Some form elements for item type: are set to be placed by fields manager:

id, alias, category, lang, vstate, disable_comments, notify_subscribers, notify_owner, captcha, layout_selection, timezone_info, created_by_alias, publish_up, publish_down, access, item_screen, lang_assocs, jimages, jurls, metadata, seoconf, display_params, layout_params, perms, versions

- either a placeholder field (of field type: 'Core Property') was not created for them
- or their placeholder fields is not assigned the content type

Please logout and re-login to backend management and visit the dashboard to create the fields automatically

Some fields are configured to be displayed more than once:

alias at [above, below]
category at [above, below]
lang at [above, below]
jimages at [tab02a, below]
jurls at [tab02a, below]
timezone_info at [tab04, below]
created_by_alias at [tab04, below]
publish_up at [tab04, below]
publish_down at [tab04, below]
access at [tab04, below]
display_params at [tab06, below]

Someone else had the same problem, but I don't know how they fixed it. Your answer is confusing...

I did everything you said in the answer, but the errors are still there. 


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3 months 1 week ago #82623 by tazzarkin
Did I do something wrong?

You answered other people's posts, but you did not answer mine.

This happened after I did an upgrade with the latest Flexicontent.

If I need to pay money to get the answer, please let me know.

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3 months 1 week ago #82624 by ggppdk

this is addressed in v4.1.1  (you can find it in our github repositiory)

-- Flexicontent is Free but involves a big effort on our part.
Like the our support? (for a bug-free FC, despite having a long list of functions) Like the features? Like the ongoing development and future commitment to FLEXIcontent?
-- Add your voice to the FLEXIcontent JED listing with a 5-star review. Thanks!

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3 months 1 week ago #82626 by tazzarkin
Thank you!! 

After installing the GitHub version, everything was fixed.  Thank you so much!!

You have the greatest product on Joomla!!

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