need to skip content triggers on flexicontent items

7 years 7 months ago #37861 by dipti_j

I am from TechJoomla team. We are integrating Flexicontent with our extension Quick2Cart. We need to skip Joomla content plugin triggers on Flexicontent items.
I saw some content plugin related params in text field plugin, but even if I copy those to my custom field plugin, it is not showing in the new field form.
Can you please let me know how this can be done ?

Waiting for your response. Thanks in advance :)

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7 years 7 months ago #37872 by ggppdk
FLEXIcontent overrides JDispatcher joomla class,
and thus can trigger content plugins selectively (normal joomla dispatcher will trigger ALL content plugins that have been loaded up to the point of calling)

e.g. with normal joomla dispatcher you would have:
- field1 triggers plgA and plgB
- if field 2 wants to only trigger plgC it is not possible it will have to trigger plgA, plgB and plgC

with FLEXIcontent overriden class of JDispatcher you can do it ...

About your question:
For items, these Content Plugin events are ALWAYS triggered (on their description)

For each Field, the content plugin event:
is triggered OPTIONALLY via the (XML file) parameters:
trigger_onprepare_content (effects both item view and category view)
trigger_plgs_incatview (if this exists it is used in category view instead of above)

you can copy these parameters from file

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