FLEXIcontent Advanced Links for JCE broken during upgrade

7 years 8 months ago #30706 by Pheno
I have a j1.5 site which has lots of links inserted into items using FLEXIcontent Advanced Links for JCE.

I migrated the site using the netaspro

Since upgrading the site to j2.5, these links no longer work.

This is how the links look:


As a test, I installed the Flexicontent 2 version of JCE advanced links, and created the same link. This is what it looked like:


One problem is the category ID has changed, although surprisingly to me this doesn't seem to break things.

The main problem is the view=items vs view=item .

Is there an easy way to fix this, other than doing a database find and replace on all the article contents?

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7 years 8 months ago #30725 by ggppdk
the item view in J1.5 was called 'items'
and in J2.5 it was called 'item'

i have not done this change it has consumed me a lot of time to support it :|

maybe we can ROUTER manipulation to it in J2.5 , to allow existing links to work

about different category selected, it depends how you browse to item if it belongs to multiple categories

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